Keeping on track

So if you haven’t noticed I’m trying to post at least once a week, So far I think I’m doing very well. This is the longest amount of posts I have had in a row without gaps in the time so I’m pretty happy with myself even though this is just me venting most of the time. What am I saying? Most of the time? I mean all of the time! Hopefully I won’t always be venting, hopefully I will have experiences to write about and questions to answer.

In keeping I am going to moan again. Today I was called stupid because one of my customers already paid for a drink, I asked who it was in with and they went “Are you stupid or what, I’ve paid for it” This annoys me because anyone and everyone can say that. Am I supposed to just hand out drinks like there is no tomorrow? Apparently so. Well I can imagine the losses behind the bar but at this point am I supposed to care?

Another thing is when the bell rings I’m meant to stop serving anyone who comes to the bar after it rings is a no. If you are at the bar when it rings well then yes I’ll serve you if you come after then I can’t. I get annoyed when people kick off at me my simple answer is ask the manager. It’s always ask the manager. I still get shit for this. Are you that hell bent on drinking that you can’t go somewhere else that is still open you have to complain the staff won’t serve you after time. GTFO.

Barstaff/Bartenders/Waiters etc take so much crap and by rights should stop serving you if you give them crap but we still do because we’re not complete assholes and if one more person says without me you wouldn’t have a job I’ll tell them the truth without me you’ll have to get off your own ass and do something. If I get given a break someone will take up most of it trying to ask me to serve them. I was eating a sandwich on my break and someone shouted through “you should be serving not eating” I felt like saying you should fuck off and leave me in peace for five minutes won’t be caring that much when I pass out before giving you your pint you silly bint. I’m going to find these people at their jobs and complain while they are on their break. Just imagine that you’re relaxing eating your lunch or having a cigarette and someone comes up to you and says “You done yet?Get back to serving” This annoys me on so many levels. I’m working on a hurt knee and wrist, I’ve smashed my hand so many times in the last two days because I need to do things fast apparently you can’t wait two minutes while I change a barrel. I really used to love my job but shit customers make me hate it now and I don’t want to hate my job. I’m going to have to leave this post here because I’m just so annoyed at the way people in the hospitality industry are treated, I wouldn’t wish the way I am treated on anyone but here it is. We work hard to be treated like crap, congratulations you make us feel low.

I will write soon,

Till Then

Stay Sane

Guinness as usual

I love pouring Guinness, it is one of my most favourite pints to pour and I love to put the shamrock on top. The gorgeous dark red, the lovely ripples and waves as the creamy head travels through the dark red nectar to form on top. Guinness is an absolutely lovely pint but there are two things I don’t like about it.

I don’t like the taste. It’s not my fault some pints just don’t agree with my taste buds unfortunately Guinness is one of them, I would love to pour a pint for myself with a shamrock on top but it would be a waste and I won’t have that. It pains me to waste Guinness, I hate it when you’re two thirds up the glass and just about to top it off and the barrel goes and you have to throw it away because you can’t mix the two barrels.

Now in keeping with the rest of my posts so for I’m going to vent. The second thing I don’t like about Guinness isn’t really about Guinness it’s about customers who order it. If you order several pints and the last one is Guinness and you then complain it’s taking too long I will hate you, Guinness takes it’s time and for good reason. Guinness isn’t a pint of larger or a glass of coke you can’t just top it up you have to wait for the creamy head to ripple it’s way to the top of that magnificent velvety red, Just watching it surge is beautiful. So please if you want a Guinness order it first and watch it dance before your eyes while I finish the rest of your order, If you’re lucky I’ll put a shamrock on top of it too. (Unless one of my co-workers ruins it by pulling the lever down instead of pushing it back finishing the pint but doing it wrong.)

Write soon,

Till then

Stay Sane.

Order taking too long?

One thing that drives me insane is people complaining about their wait at the bar. “I’ve been waiting here ten minutes” This from a customer who has just walked up to the bar, I’m through the door on the other side I can see them but they can’t see me, I walk through the doorway and the first thing that greets me is a brazen lie with some imagined slight.

The other day I was fed up of this. I check the clock it says 14:29, I hear clicking as I check the clock so I go to check the pumps. (The clicking sound usually means it’s empty and needs changing) I change it, it takes two minutes at most. I come back up with the empty vessel and check the clock again 14:32 (At this point I’m torturing myself because my shift ends at five) I hear someone knocking on the bar, I pop my head out of the doorway to be greeted with yet another lie about waiting. “I’ve been waiting here for half an hour” to which I put the empty vessel I just changed on the bar and responded with “I’ve literally been gone three minutes and that was to change this, I didn’t realise that side of the bar was on Jupiter” Then they had the audacity to respond with “You were gone much longer than three minutes, I’ve been waiting a while” I sighed “No I wasn’t and you wasn’t waiting half an hour, in fact I’m going to ask for the cameras to be checked” Well that stopped the exchange and they asked for their pint.

The thing that annoys me more about this is they couldn’t have even been waiting for three minutes because I didn’t see them come in when I checked the clock and I would have there is a view of the door near the clock.

The saying the customer is always right is an old one, first used back around the early 1900’s by people like¬†Harry Gordon Selfridge. It’s time we kick it out.

A customer dropped their pint all over the bar and then demanded I give them a fresh one at no cost; I looked at them and said I can’t do that you dropped it, I didn’t. They responded with I’ll tell your boss you did it and that the customer is always right, I obviously laughed in their face (I couldn’t help myself) while pointing to the camera over head.

There are many reasons to get rid of the customer is always right but the main one is the ones who use this are ass holes.

I know this has been a long rant and I’m sorry but if you’re in the bar business (Or any customer facing business – Including over the phone support) you’ll understand and if you’re a customer well hopefully this will give you some insight into not being an ass.

Write soon,

Till then

Stay Sane.

Here we go

I don’t even know where to start, the problem is I have done this for over a year now and I’m just getting annoyed.

If one more person tells me I can do your job, it’s really easy I might headbutt them. I tell you what please step behind the bar and work as fast as I do with no mistakes or even two mistakes for the whole night. I’ll then admit how easy it is and bow down to you and your most supreme tending skills.

Please come behind the bar while I order the drinks and shout out “Hey, I was here first!” That may be true in some cases but if I have just come in the bar and shouted out next please and you didn’t respond that isn’t my fault. The first person who responds is usually the person who is actually waiting to be served and isn’t on their phone or talking to the person next to them. That brings me to the next point if you are next and I know you are next I will say hello to you to get your attention if you continue to talk on the phone or to the person next to you, guess what will happen? You will be skipped I will serve the next customer then come back to you. Do you know why this happens? It’s because I have to clear the bar as fast as possible. I’m not going to clear the bar waiting for you to finish what you’re doing.

People who haven’t served don’t know how hard the job is. I always get this from people who haven’t served. People who have served however smile the knowing smile and look at you with the deepest sympathy. This is not an exaggeration even I do it especially to the new ones.

You don’t know how hard it is until you do it, but if you tell me my job is easy I’m either going to headbutt you or laugh my ass off about how clueless you really are.

I will post soon.

Till then

Stay Sane.