How much?!

That is something which is shouted at me often but in two different ways.

Let’s do the examples and say they are rounds; your six pints and eight house vodka and lemonades are £38.60. “How much?!, Wow that’s so cheap!” hell yeah it is fourteen drinks for less than £40.00.

Shut the front door and don’t let no one else in or they’ll be none left for me.

This is funny. These are the people who have been other places and they know a round like that some where else would cost a lot. Hell the second cheapest place I know (That isn’t a JD Weatherspoons – The prices are good but they suck. (No music)) it’s £52 and that’s me rounding down. If you’re lucky I might even agree to make some cocktails for you, say two for just under £5.00 whereas it’s £5.20 for the same cocktail in the other place and I can make you two rather than one for less than the other place. (You catching my drift yet?)

The reason I’m trying to drive the point home is because of the rest of the time someone shouts “How much?!” at me, these are the people who drink there either all the time or only ever come out once and a while. “How much?!”  “Prices gone up again have they?” “Why is it every time I come back to this bar I’m charged more and more?” “The prices couldn’t have gone up again so soon” The last one makes me laugh, So soon? The prices go up the same time every year, every where. Its a fact inflation happens, it’s not some mythical thing, we actually see it happen we just don’t notice too much because with certain things it’s usually just a few pence up. Example a can of coke used to cost 50p it now costs 68p that’s 18p from 2009 to present. It didn’t happen over night it went up to 55p, after a couple of years it went up to 59p and now it’s 68p (I think there was a price increase between 59p and 68p, but I can’t remember and this is the best example you’re going to get from me) but alcohol is taxed more.

But please tell me where you can get that round cheaper than £38.60 and I’ll meet you there. I’m definitely buying the first round.

These people don’t go anywhere else to drink (Apart from JD Weatherspoons) so they just don’t know how good the prices are and that is a shame because soon there won’t be any bars like ours. The bar industry is a dying one, people used to meet at bars with their friends and even sometimes they met the person they would spend their life with. (Think about Tea Dances often used to find someone to love and how they have died out.)

This post has been more me trying to explain that the prices are fantastic, don’t shout “How much?!” at me if you’re going to complain about how “expensive” they are to you.

(DisclaimerMore just for reference really these prices are based on double not single shots of vodka (I know super cheap right)

Speak soon,

Till then

Stay Sane


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