Zero hour contracts

As the title suggests I’m going to be writing about zero hour contracts and what they mean to me. They are not so bad, I fully agree with them but they need some tweaking. I believe they are good for both the employer and employee if there are certain details in place. By certain details I mean when I started working where I am currently working I said “As long as I get at least sixteen hours I’m good” and they said “Yeah sure of course, we usually get people who want less than sixteen so they can continue to get Job seekers Allowance” and my response was like “Hell no I want off of that thing” but lately I haven’t been.

This has made it difficult for me to survive and I’m sure other people on zero hour contracts struggle worse than I do because I have a family behind me who will help if I just ask but that is not the point although I agree with zero hours I believe they should be changed to minimum hour contract and each contract should state a minimum amount of hours that person will get. This is a bit different where I work they don’t ask if you can do the shift they just put you on so we swap shifts but then we all get in trouble over that. With a traditional zero hour contract you can choose when to work or even if you work. If places aren’t going to give you the choice of when to work like any other job where they set your hours, they should give you a minimum amount of hours.

I think this is a massive failure on their part and they wonder why people leave, People don’t want eight hours a week, no one can survive on that unless they don’t need it. I can’t work less than sixteen hours and I honestly have no idea how some people could or agree to this, I agreed to sixteen I think it’s time I had a chat with someone about it or just find another job but then that’s another problem I love where I work. I don’t want to leave, I love the people I work with and my bosses aren’t too bad either.

I’m not just worrying for stupid reasons. If I don’t like where I’m working I’m not going to like working and I love working but if I’m not working I’m broke and all my bills are due soon. I’ve got £30.00 left after my bills and I need new shoes and trousers otherwise I stop being presentable and therefore unemployable, I still have to buy food but with what? Looks like I’m eating noodles and they aren’t that cheap anymore! These are just a few things that worry me but not working worries me more because… Money doesn’t buy happiness but money does buy security and security buys happiness.

I’m going to give this a rest, people already know zero hours is a pain in the ass but at this point I can’t help venting. I guess this is now my outlet.

Speak soon,

Till then

Stay Sane.

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