Do you get commission?

I am asked this quiet often because I recommend going for the house version or buying the bottle of wine rather than by the glass. Here’s my answer.

No I don’t get commission I get paid minimum yes minimum wage the reason I recommend house spirits or buying the bottle rather than the glass is because I know you’re going to drink a lot or have already drunk a lot of something.

Here is the deal, I don’t make any money from you buying that particular brand not directly but I’m going to break it down for you. Let’s say a well known brand of vodka and coke costs you £4.50 but the house costs you £2.50. That’s a saving of £2.00 a drink. I know which one I’m going for!

Now let’s talk about the bottle of wine, from a standard bottle you get three large glasses of wine let’s say a large glass of wine is £5.00 but the bottle is £13.00 you save £2.00 the odds are you are going to have more than two glasses of wine you might as well get the bottle and save yourself some money.

You drink more when it’s cheap because you’re not worrying about the prices, which in turn puts our profit up which means at some point I’m going to be getting some more hours hopefully. That’s the “not directly” part but it’s a big maybe, more hopeful than anything else.

On the other hand I may profit from it directly if you decide to tip me because I got you drunk cheaply.

So there you have it or at least that’s how my brain works. The harder I work to show you the offers, the more profit the bar makes and hopefully the more hours I make.

Write soon,

Till then

Stay Sane

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