Guinness as usual

I love pouring Guinness, it is one of my most favourite pints to pour and I love to put the shamrock on top. The gorgeous dark red, the lovely ripples and waves as the creamy head travels through the dark red nectar to form on top. Guinness is an absolutely lovely pint but there are two things I don’t like about it.

I don’t like the taste. It’s not my fault some pints just don’t agree with my taste buds unfortunately Guinness is one of them, I would love to pour a pint for myself with a shamrock on top but it would be a waste and I won’t have that. It pains me to waste Guinness, I hate it when you’re two thirds up the glass and just about to top it off and the barrel goes and you have to throw it away because you can’t mix the two barrels.

Now in keeping with the rest of my posts so for I’m going to vent. The second thing I don’t like about Guinness isn’t really about Guinness it’s about customers who order it. If you order several pints and the last one is Guinness and you then complain it’s taking too long I will hate you, Guinness takes it’s time and for good reason. Guinness isn’t a pint of larger or a glass of coke you can’t just top it up you have to wait for the creamy head to ripple it’s way to the top of that magnificent velvety red, Just watching it surge is beautiful. So please if you want a Guinness order it first and watch it dance before your eyes while I finish the rest of your order, If you’re lucky I’ll put a shamrock on top of it too. (Unless one of my co-workers ruins it by pulling the lever down instead of pushing it back finishing the pint but doing it wrong.)

Write soon,

Till then

Stay Sane.

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