Order taking too long?

One thing that drives me insane is people complaining about their wait at the bar. “I’ve been waiting here ten minutes” This from a customer who has just walked up to the bar, I’m through the door on the other side I can see them but they can’t see me, I walk through the doorway and the first thing that greets me is a brazen lie with some imagined slight.

The other day I was fed up of this. I check the clock it says 14:29, I hear clicking as I check the clock so I go to check the pumps. (The clicking sound usually means it’s empty and needs changing) I change it, it takes two minutes at most. I come back up with the empty vessel and check the clock again 14:32 (At this point I’m torturing myself because my shift ends at five) I hear someone knocking on the bar, I pop my head out of the doorway to be greeted with yet another lie about waiting. “I’ve been waiting here for half an hour” to which I put the empty vessel I just changed on the bar and responded with “I’ve literally been gone three minutes and that was to change this, I didn’t realise that side of the bar was on Jupiter” Then they had the audacity to respond with “You were gone much longer than three minutes, I’ve been waiting a while” I sighed “No I wasn’t and you wasn’t waiting half an hour, in fact I’m going to ask for the cameras to be checked” Well that stopped the exchange and they asked for their pint.

The thing that annoys me more about this is they couldn’t have even been waiting for three minutes because I didn’t see them come in when I checked the clock and I would have there is a view of the door near the clock.

The saying the customer is always right is an old one, first used back around the early 1900’s by people like Harry Gordon Selfridge. It’s time we kick it out.

A customer dropped their pint all over the bar and then demanded I give them a fresh one at no cost; I looked at them and said I can’t do that you dropped it, I didn’t. They responded with I’ll tell your boss you did it and that the customer is always right, I obviously laughed in their face (I couldn’t help myself) while pointing to the camera over head.

There are many reasons to get rid of the customer is always right but the main one is the ones who use this are ass holes.

I know this has been a long rant and I’m sorry but if you’re in the bar business (Or any customer facing business – Including over the phone support) you’ll understand and if you’re a customer well hopefully this will give you some insight into not being an ass.

Write soon,

Till then

Stay Sane.


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