Here we go

I don’t even know where to start, the problem is I have done this for over a year now and I’m just getting annoyed.

If one more person tells me I can do your job, it’s really easy I might headbutt them. I tell you what please step behind the bar and work as fast as I do with no mistakes or even two mistakes for the whole night. I’ll then admit how easy it is and bow down to you and your most supreme tending skills.

Please come behind the bar while I order the drinks and shout out “Hey, I was here first!” That may be true in some cases but if I have just come in the bar and shouted out next please and you didn’t respond that isn’t my fault. The first person who responds is usually the person who is actually waiting to be served and isn’t on their phone or talking to the person next to them. That brings me to the next point if you are next and I know you are next I will say hello to you to get your attention if you continue to talk on the phone or to the person next to you, guess what will happen? You will be skipped I will serve the next customer then come back to you. Do you know why this happens? It’s because I have to clear the bar as fast as possible. I’m not going to clear the bar waiting for you to finish what you’re doing.

People who haven’t served don’t know how hard the job is. I always get this from people who haven’t served. People who have served however smile the knowing smile and look at you with the deepest sympathy. This is not an exaggeration even I do it especially to the new ones.

You don’t know how hard it is until you do it, but if you tell me my job is easy I’m either going to headbutt you or laugh my ass off about how clueless you really are.

I will post soon.

Till then

Stay Sane.

5 thoughts on “Here we go

  1. The general public is a terrible sub genre of the human species. They only care about themselves and the convenience of the service provided for them. Never do they think of what other people go through for them. Hang in there!

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